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Jeffrey Nordling
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news/links added November 18, 2011:
TONIGHT, Friday November 18 is Jeffrey's guest star appearance on CSI: NY!
He plays Senator Kirk Matthews, who blames Jo for a rape suspect's previous acquittal.
CBS Press Release about episode (.doc)

September 20 & 21, 2011 updates: This is great news! Jeffrey and Sela together again!:
'CSI: NY' stages a 'Once and Again' reunion exclusive
CSI: NY's Once & Again Reunion item
Jeffrey Nordling reuniting with Sela Ward on 'CSI: NY', New York, NY

Older updates: Screen Captures from some of Jeff's roles | Archived News

Jeffrey Nordling news links @ IMDb

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My all-time favorite role of Jeff's (although he's great in everything!):
His superb portrayal of "Jake Manning" on ABC's 'Once & Again'. He was the really good-looking guy on the show! :)
The show ran 19 episodes from its premiere on September 21, 1999 to the finale on April 15, 2002.

  Jeff is on the Board of Directors - check it out

Browse our page that has more past news about Jeff.

August 6, 2011 update:
Lifetime's Protector Collars Vivica Fox, Desperate Housewives' Jeffrey Nordling Exclusive

January 24, 2011 update:
TV Pilot Casting News

January 23, 2011 update:
G-Man: For actor Jeffrey Nordling, it's all in a day's work Interview

Thanks, as always, to Greg DiMase, Jeff's brother-in-law, for all his help in keeping me uptodate on Jeff! (Links inserted by webmaster.)
  It was Greg who reminded me that Jeff "was in the first regular season episode of 'Star Trek - Deep Space Nine'. He played a Bajoran terrorist." (See Jeff's IMDb page.)...
  ...And that Jeff is married to actress Francia DiMase. Jeff & Francia have three daughters, two of whom are twins.
    (See the TV Guide article from April '01.)
  (Visit Greg DiMase's Web site: Gregfolio.Com - Portfolio of Paintings, Photographs, and Writings)

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9-11-01 We Remember
We Remember.

Countdown to Jeff's 2012 Birthday!

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